Thanks To Everyone Who Came To ‘Shoot to Win’


Les Beebe with his Gold Medal tickets!!

Wow, there are some sharpshooters here in Medicine Hat! We had our ‘Shoot to Win’ competition yesterday with tickets to the World Junior Gold Medal game on the line, and had more than 50 competitors come in to test their skill on our targets. 16 of those contestants are walking away with great prizes – ranging from Gold and Bronze Medal game tickets, playoff round tickets, to Team Canada merchandise such as jerseys and hats. It was a tight race, Larry Leismeister led the way for most of the day with an incredible time of 20.5 seconds, but Les Beebe came in near the end of the day and stole the show with a time of 20.0 seconds, narrowly edging Larry out for the win. All in all it was a lot of fun, and we’d like to thank everyone who came out and tried to ‘Shoot to Win’ – congratulations to all of our winners!!