Transfer Case Fluid Exchange


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What is a Transfer Case?

The transfer case is a special gear box found in four-wheel and all-wheel-drive vehicles. It sends drive power from the engine to the front and rear axles. In all-wheel-drive vehicles, the transfer case helps to shift power from one axle to another, depending upon traction conditions.

Transfer Case

What is involved to change it and why is it important?

The transfer case is serviced by periodically draining its fluid and replacing it with fresh fluid. We also check for leaks and damage. Transfer case fluid cools and lubricates the gears, chains, bearings, shafts and other parts. Over time, the additives in the fluid wear out and it doesn’t protect as well. Also, bits of metal and clutch material wear off and contaminate the fluid.

How often should I get my transfer case flushed?

Please see your maintenance schedule, as each vehicle is different. It is also important to check the “Severe Maintenance Schedule” depending on what climate/conditions you are driving in.

How does a transfer flush improve performance or is it preventive maintenance?

It is a preventative maintenance, however changing the fluid every 80,000km (depending on driving habits) will also result in smoother shifts.


Transfer Case Fluid Exchange $119.95