Road Trip Prep Tips

Road trips can create some of the best memories from your travels when you’re prepared. In order to make your next trip less stressful, we’ve compiled a list of things to do before you head out:

    1. Check tire pressure
      You should be checking all of your tire pressures, including your spare tire. While doing this, also check your jack and tire changing kit. Depending on your vehicle, the spare tire should be in your trunk or under the tailgate. GM provides a handy kit alongside your spare tire, so do your future self a favour and familiarize.  An emergency kit also helps ease your mind, since they have booster cables, a flashlight, general bandages, etc. Confused already? Stop by and we can check it for you and help you familiarize yourself with all the tools. Also ask about our emergency kit available in parts (it includes booster cables, first aid kit, flashlight, etc).
    2. How close are you to your next oil change
      You should be getting an oil change at least every 5000-8000km or every 3 months. If you do end up needing an oil change before you leave, ask them to check your fluids, wiper blades, and to do a proper inspection on your vehicle. Here at Davis we can do a 24 point inspection, top up your fluids, rotate your tires, change your air filters, wiper blades and light bulbs in our Quick Lube.
    3. Gas up
      This one should be obvious, but sometimes you just get too excited to get on the road that the obvious become forgotten. It’s also great to figure out where the gas up points are on your trip as well. If you’re looking for the best deal around town, check out GasBuddy as well.
    4. Have maps/GPS/Navigation ready
      Be prepared for construction, closed roads, traffic congestion, and other unexpected delays. Sometimes the GPS can take you on an unnecessary route, so have an idea going in on where you should be. Maps are always great to have for backup when you hit those blackout areas.
    5. Charging cord or Wireless Charger
      Charging your phone is especially important if you are using it for navigation. Fortunately with today’s Bluetooth capabilities you can be navigated hands free through your radio or even easier if you have Navigation built into your vehicle.
    6. BONUS TIP FOR ONSTAR SUBSCRIBERS: Make sure you’re covered
      OnStar provides convenient help where-ever you’re travelling, but double check you’re covered for both Service and Wi-Fi with this map:
      Checking over your vehicle is also easier with OnStar as you can get notification on your vehicles health when you have the app on your phone. If you pull over for a hike or stop, you can also double check you locked the vehicle from your phone or remote start it so it’s cooled or heated before you hop in through the mybuick or mygmc app.