Its no perfect game, but a Corvette isn’t a bad consolation prize…

Armando Galarraga accepts his new Corvette, a reward from GM for his excellent sportsmanship

As I’m sure you’ve heard, Detroit Tigers pitcher Armando Galarraga narrowly missed out on the 21st perfect game in MLB history on Wednesday, but was robbed of the feat by a blown call. On Thursday, General Motors decided to give the pitcher a consolation prize in return for his efforts – a brand new Corvette Grand Sport convertible.

GM president Mark Ruess says GM gave Galarraga the red droptop as a reward for an excellent performance, and the way he handled himself in the tough situation (he accepted umpire Jim Joyce’s apology and forgave him for the error during the game the next day.) Not many guys would be able to handle that heartbreak the way Galarraga did, and not only did he win alot of support from every umpire in the league on future calls, but he now has a 436-horsepower beauty in his driveway to show for his class.