Degghunt 2018

Every year we hide Easter eggs around the city with riddles as clues. This year we’ve made a few more difficult than normal, so good luck:

  1. 2017 was when this place’s journey had begun,
    And where our largest donation to date was done,
    By the spot we helped build is where this egg can be won. (FOUND/CLAIMED)
  2. Where ideas for networking events spawn,
    “In business for business” is where their inspiration is drawn,
    The side of the building is where this egg’s on. (FOUND/CLAIMED)
  3. Welcomed to the lineup sloganed with wonder,
    The “Is that a …” question may be a factor,
    Hiding in the trunk lies the egg surrounded by silver. (FOUND/CLAIMED)

Check out our Facebook page to see if all the eggs have been claimed. Good luck everyone!