Davis Tire Shop and Rob Jack earn awesome customer review

Rob Jack, Davis Tire Shop Manager

Davis GMC Buick is very proud of our Davis Tire Shop and especially proud of the man who runs it, Mr. Rob Jack.  Rob and his staff earned glowing praise from a grateful customer for the fantastic way she was treated when having new tires installed and balanced.  Her words say it best.  Congratulations to Rob and his team for a job very well done.

Dear Mr. Davis,

“I just wanted to tell you about a wonderful experience that I had this week with your organization.

First of all, I will give you a little history.  I purchased my 2003 Grand Am from Sorenson’s about eight years ago.  Since then I have always kept up with the maintenance and ensured that the car received good care.  In fact, it had original tires (until today) because I had only driven about 70,000 kms.

Last week I called your tire shop and talked with Rob who was polite, humorous and competent.  We discussed my need for tires and he gave me recommendations as well as a good quote.  Then we scheduled a 9 am appointment for installation and balancing.

This morning I drove to the Tire Shop and he greeted me in my car.  I explained that there were four things that I was interested in having fixed.  He took over from that moment with kindness and competence!

Rob and two other employees offered me a ride which I declined because Rob stated that the work would be done in an hour.  It was done in 59 minutes!

I sat in your lounge with a good book while Rob coordinated with the Lube Shop and the Body Shop.  I was surprised (and pleased) to find out that during that time Rob had fixed the oil light and priced the parts for the cosmetic body work I had asked about  – all within that 59 minutes!

When the tire work was done, Rob then introduced me to Dallas who will be doing the body work next Monday and explained the procedure and pricing to the two of us.  He even entered a  code into the car wash for the free bonus clean  and shine!

What a gentleman!

When it comes to that rare experience known as Customer Service – he excelled!

I love my car!

When my son suggests that I buy a new one I always state – “I have a new car!”  The work that Rob has coordinated will allow me to continue that mantra for a long time to come!

My thanks to your company for hiring good people who know how to meet customer needs!”