Vusumuzi Dube | Service Technician


Transmission Technician

Favorite thing about my job:

Workmates are good to get along with, on most days anyway.

A little bit about me:

I’m from Ndebele Matabeleland and am married with kids

When I’m not at work I’m:

I’m with my family, playing with the kids and wife


Play soccer, reading books (history mostly)

#1 goal to my customers:

Fix your vehicle problems as quickly as possible

My hero is:

My mom because…where do I start.

My favorite vehicle of all time is:

My top favorites are the Olds 442, Buick Grand International and the 1995 Impala.

Something that might surprise people about me is:

The short version of my name is Vusa and I never curse.

How you can get a hold of me:

Vusumuzi Dube