Brenna Beaulieu | Sales Consultant

Why I work here: The extremely positive, friendly and supportive environment as well as our commitment to each and every customer

My #1 goal to the customer: Ensure they leave happier than when they arrived each and every time

If I could choose anyone as my mentor it would be: My dad Jacques, he always has been supportive while still making sure I do the right thing!

If I could learn to do anything, it would be: How to end world hunger and poverty, I think that would be a useful skill.

My favourite time of year: September!

My favourite Quote: The task is to learn how to enjoy everyday life without diminishing other people’s chances to enjoy theirs. -Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Most played song on my iPod: We Went by Randy Houser

Songs on the soundtrack to my life: Family Tradition, Hank Williams. Watermelon Crawl, Tracy Byrd. Mud by The Road Hammers

If I could know the answer to any question it would be: How big the universe actually is.

If I could be any fictional character, it would be: Elsa from Frozen


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