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One thing we pride ourselves on at Davis GMC Buick is our community support in and around Medicine Hat. Each and every year we spend nearly $30,000 supporting various organizations, fundraising efforts and small groups that need financial support to carry out their plans. It feels good to support different people and groups because they all stand for something great. The difficulty in contributing to these causes is they all need and deserve the help but we can’t contribute to them all.

That’s why we came up with Operation Spread It Around. Anyone in Medicine Hat and the surrounding area will be welcomed to make a request for a donation to help support their organization or group. The big difference with Operation Spread It Around is that each group or organization has the ability to influence the decision on how we “spread it around”. All you have to do is click on this link to go to our online application for funds. Fill out the application in full, attach a story, video or photos that highlight or support what your organization will use the funds for, and how a donation from Davis GMC Buick will benefit your group. Be original and creative because we will post all requests on our Facebook page in our OSA section. Then all you have to do is encourage your supporters to log on and “like” your post.. Your friends can garner support by tweeting positive comments about your request and mentioning @DavisGMCBuick with an #OSA hashtag. You can also post positive comments on any videos that we upload to our Davis GMC Buick Youtube Channel.

OSA Thermometer

Each month we will determine which requests are the most popular by the support that each request receives from the public. The best news is that this year we have earmarked $25,000 for Operation Spread It Around. If we don’t have enough requests to fulfill the entire $25,000 we will carry the balance over and add it to next years funds. Our awards will be dispersed at the end of every month for the remainder of the year and you can track our awards on our OSA thermometer as the year goes on.