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Do I need Winter Tires?

When it comes to peace of mind driving in the winter months, nothing beats a set of winter tires. Did you notice that I didn’t call them snow tires? That’s because today’s winter tires do so much more than provide extra traction in deep snow. They also give you superior traction on icy and even dry roads when temperatures drop below freezing. A combination of specialized tread patterns and rubber compounds are what give winter tires the edge over all-season tires. These advanced compounds allow the tires to remain flexible for improved contact with the road which provide you with unmatched safety and traction.

Winter tires should also be installed in sets. You may think that on a front wheel drive car that you would only need them on the front. But by not having them on the rear the handling balance of the car will be upset and you run the risk of the rear skidding because of the lack of traction. Also, on a rear wheel drive vehicle most of the braking and ALL of the steering is done through the front wheels, so why would only you put them on the rear?

Once you’ve decided to purchase winter tires you may want to have them mounted on their own wheels. A set of winter wheels doesn’t cost very much and allow for a much quicker and less expensive change over in the Spring and Fall. Another alternative is to have winter tires mounted on your factory wheels and then have a set of custom wheels and tires for Spring and Summer.

If you have any questions regarding tires and custom wheels feel free to contact our tire store at 403-527-2787 or visit our website here. Remember, tires are like shoes for your vehicle; dress appropriately!




Is it okay to use my All Season Tires throughout winter?

As the weather gets colder more and more people are torn between putting Winter Tires on their vehicle or just making due with the All Season Tires they’ve had on all summer long. With vehicles having Traction Control to help combat the loss of traction, is the switch really needed? Winter Tires are more designed for severe winter conditions than All Season Tires; you just may want to make the switch after all. Here are 2 great reasons why we think you should consider it:

Pattern of the Tread: The main difference in the pattern of the two treads is that the All Season Tires have a closed pattern design while the Winter Tires have an open pattern design. The closed pattern is great for most seasons because it grips the road well and pushes water away. The problem is that in snowy conditions your tires can become packed with snow and ice, this makes gripping the road extremely difficult. With the open pattern design of the Winter Tire, it makes it much easier for the tire to push snow and ice away. Sipes also help to grip the road on these tires dramatically increasing the control you have during winter conditions.

Rubber Softness & Temperature: Not a lot of people know this but All Season Tires are made up of a harder rubber to increase the amount of Kilometers that customers should expect to get out of them before they need to be replaced. Generally this is a good idea but during the cold winter months the rubber isn’t durable enough to remain flexible. This results in much less traction on and off the road. Winter Tires are made up of a softer compound that stays flexible during cold conditions allowing you to keep the control you’d lost with the All Season Tires. There is a far better chance with the Winter Tires that you won’t need to ask friends and family for a push this season.

Between the more flexible rubber and the improved pattern in the Winter Tires, there is a clear winner in what all vehicles should be wearing this season. In some provinces in Canada they have made it mandatory to use Winter Tires and have seen a significant reduction in the amount of accidents each winter because of it. Here in Alberta we get to make our own decision about it but more people are starting to realize the benefits.

At Davis GMC Buick, we have some great promotions running surrounding Winter Tires and we even have programs in place to store your Summer or All Season Tires over the winter months. This ensures they are in great condition when you need put them back on in the spring. Visit Davisgmctrucks.ca or call 1-844-242-1379 to see what we have in your size.