3 tips to improve your vehicles health this summer

If you’re looking to extend your vehicles life this summer, we would recommend starting with these 3 tips:

  1. Regular Oil Changes & Rotations to prolong engine life

    Your engine needs clean oil to work properly, but overtime it gets contaminated with particles that can form sludge which can damage your engine. It is important to check your oil frequently, and with today’s technologies most vehicles have an oil life monitor that will alert you when it’s time. Make sure you are using Envirolube_1the oil recommended in your owners manual or by our Certified Service experts, to ensure you are not damaging your engine. We offer Oil changes and Tire rotations in under 20 minutes. We will also top up all your fluids for free
    (excluding DEF), provide a complimentary 24 point inspections, wash your windshield, and change out your air filters, wiper blades and light bulbs! Check out our Quick Lube for more information!

  2. Auto Detailing to increase re-sale value & reduce 

    The importance of auto detailing is often overlooked but can greatly enhance your vehicle if done correctly. Protecting your vehicles paint is the first step to preserving your investment for years to come. Applying a coat of wax or sealant as regular maintenance will keep your paint looking great and costs a lot less than having to re-paint your vehicle in the future. Your vehicle’s factory paint is better quality than most aftermarket alternatives. Aftermarket paint jobs tend to be much softer than the factory paint, therefore leaving them more prone to swirls and scratches.

    detail.pngRegular waxing preserves your vehicle’s paint and re-sale value. A clean interior and shiny vehicle will give potential buyers confidence that your vehicle is in excellent condition. A neglected vehicle on the inside/outside will appear to be neglected in all areas, bring down the re-sale value and making it more difficult to sell. Your vehicle’s paint is the icing on the cake to a mechanically sound vehicle.

    For more information on our detail center/packages, call 844-242-1378 or click here.

  3. Follow Recommended Services
    A lot of people are intimidated when they are approached about maintenance items on their vehicle, but there is no need to be! Preventative maintenance is another way of protecting your vehicle throughout it’s lifetime while saving you money in the long run. In fact, it has been shown that missing $1000 worth of maintenance items on your vehicle can lead up to $8000 in repairs! So, what are these items we are talking about? They can include everything from oil changes, tire rotations, air filters, front/rear differential fluid exchanges, transfer case fluid exchanges, and more. Over time all of these items can either start plugging up (filters) or becoming very dirty inside (fluid exchanges) which compromise the integrity of the gears and parts inside. They start to heat up and wear down faster, then sooner that you think damage occurs.We can recommend to you what services you should likely have at certain intervals, whether that is kilometers or time framservice.pnge related, and make sure your vehicle is kept up to date. For example, tire rotations every 10,000km or cabin air filters roughly every year/30,00km. Here at Davis GMC, customer service is our number one priority and your vehicle falls into that as well! Come and see us today and get an opinion on what your vehicle needs to get back into tip top shape!