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Davis GM has been providing fantastic new and used car deals to our Medicine Hat, Brooks, Swift Current and Maple Creek customers for many years, and we’re looking to get YOU into a brand new GM, certified pre-owned vehicle, or used vehicle. We also have a fantastic selection of bargain priced used vehicles for sale. Our staff is dedicated to making you a happy customer, as our customer testimonials clearly show. Stop by and see us today for a fantastic deal on a new GMC, Buick or used vehicle. We proudly serve drivers and shoppers from all over Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Dealer Rater Reviews

We are committed to making you a long-lasting customer and friend.

I left early for Medicine Hat one week ago, Thursday. I teach a class on Thursday night. One of my class members heads a service department for Davis Pontiac and I needed to purchase tires. Yes, I believe in shopping locally, but after all, he is one of my clients! I called ahead and was assured that I didn’t need an appointment. Sure enough, I was immediately attended to and asked to return in about half an hour. When I returned I didn’t see my car in the parking lot and assumed that it wasn’t ready. No problem! I wasn’t in a hurry. A few minutes later I saw one of the attendants driving a car looking a lot like mine into the dealership’s touchless car wash. A closer look confirmed that it was my car! What a pleasant surprise! My new tires had already been installed. The shop was doing what any good business does – exceeding my expectations. How would I rate my experience? I would certainly give Dale and his staff an “A” for both quality of work and customer service. The price was good; the service was even better. Before leaving the shop, I asked the guys to put my snow tires in my trunk. The next day, I popped the trunk to remove the snow tires and put them in my garage. Once again I was surprised. Each tire was nicely wrapped in its own plastic bag. Removing them from the trunk was a cinch. I didn’t even have to get my hands dirty! Dale and his team at Davis clearly understand a secret of good business: Determine to meet customer’s expectations and then do a little more. Doing extra need not be expensive. I doubt that the plastic tire bags cost the dealer very much. Yet they made an impression.

What would happen if we embraced this “Just a little more” philosophy of life?

  • Instead of simply doing the minimum requirements to pass a course, students would ask themselves, “What is my teacher/professor expecting of me in this course/assignment?” Students would then determine to go beyond. What a shock and delight this would be for educators!
  • What would happen in marriages if spouses were determined to exceed expectations in meeting the needs and desires of their partners? If such an attitude took hold in our culture, I have no doubt that incidence of marital break-up would decline.
  • In past weeks, we have considered habits of highly effective bosses. Imagine if bosses took time to consider the expectations of their workers and determined to do just a little more.
  • Wouldn’t it be amazing if employees were determined not to simply do what is necessary to earn a pay check, but to please their employers by going beyond the expected?
Instead of simply meeting expectations, surprise your customers! Go above and beyond – do just a little more. In today’s competitive climate, meeting customer expectations is essential to the survival of your business. Exceeding customer expectations is essential to growing your business.

We recently had our 2008 Ford F150 in for body repair again. I wanted to take the time to contact you and inform you as to our satisfaction of customer service and quality of repair as we had several issues the last time we used Davis Pontiac in September of 2009. I must first tell you that Mr. Mike Hedema was absolutely fantastic to deal with. As I work away from home, I had spoke with Mike over the phone twice I believe. Everything he and I discussed was dealt with and extremely friendly and showed genuine interest in the job at hand. He also dealt with my wife when she brought the vehicle in for an estimate. She said he was great. Let me assure you that she is not easily impressed, and she had nothing but great things to say about Mike. He covered all items with her including a replacement vehicle and ensuring that her convenience would not be compromised. When my wife delivered the vehicle, she was treated very diligently and a replacement truck was running and waiting for her. Next, the quality and timeliness of the work done was phenomenal. The staff in the body shop should be commended on the level of the work they do. My truck looks brand new. I tried my best to find fault with the work done, and ... well it is perfect. Also, my wife was most impressed with the cleanliness of the vehicle. When she picked it up, it was cleaner than the day we bought it. I can't thank you, Mike, and the rest of your amazing staff enough. As a family man who works away and is seldom home do deal with these types of things personally, let me say that it is very reassuring to know that with all the stress that goes along with being away, my wife and I didn't have on ounce of stress or worry in regards to this. Thank you so much again. Job well done!!!

I wanted to take the time and commend your team for being a great dealership. Recently, I was in your dealership and several “positive” appointments with some team members. First and foremost I want to commend – Mike Schritt – for his personalized service. Mike has gone above and beyond to assist me in my appointments and parts ordering. He will take the time to do anything he can to be of assisitance. His level of customer service is rarely seen these days and is a pleasure to experience. I thought as an owner this may be nice for you to know your team is working so hard. I also wanted to make note for Rhonda Whitford as she is also always very helpful. She is always pleasant, friendly and works hard to ensure all of the repairs are reviewed. We will be sad to see Eunice leave, she is awesome in sales & deserves the highest level of respect. I am proud to own a GMC, actually three, and will continue to support your dealership. Thanks for taking the time to review this email. Credit where credit is due.

Just wanted to send a quick thanks to your Davis GM dealer in Medicine Hat - we had a tire blow out at highway speed 38 kms east of that city and used Onstar for assistance, who sent a tow truck that delivered us to Davis GM where we received excellent service (installed 4 new tires) and warranty (installed new spare tire hoist which had seized)and got us back on the road 4 hours after the blowout - we still had another 6 hour drive to get home. Thanks to Rob in Parts!! He made an awful situation much easier to handle.

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